The Plan

Where to go?  What to do?  One of the great joys of long-term travel is planning the route you will take, and then promptly changing the plan countless times both before you leave your home country, and again and again once on the road.  New ideas are constantly presented through media and conversations with fellow travellers, and becoming a vagabond is a truly satisfying feeling, freedom…..

The plan we had prior to leaving Australia came about by sitting down at home, with two blank pieces of paper, two pens, and each writing a list of “must see” destinations in 2013.  Fortunately our lists were pretty much the same, having been together for a few years and talking incessantly about travel helps!

So, with our lists we then set about working out in what order to tackle our destinations.  For instance, we both agreed Antarctica was a must do, and getting to Ushuaia in June would prove problematic as no ship would be sailing.  After a lot of research, we came up with the following outline:

  • Start the trip in Thailand.  Why?  The best food in the world, friendly locals, relaxed island lifestyle.  Celebrate NYE in Bangkok, then head down to Ko Phangan to chill out, get fit for the upcoming travels, and eat great food!
  • Fly in to Sydney early February, catch up with some friends for a couple of days, and pick up hiking equipment that we sent from home prior to leaving Perth.
  • Argentina, for hiking in Patagonia, a ship to Antarctica and the fun of Buenos Aires
  • Peru, for Machu Picchu
  • Ecuador, for Galapagos
  • Mexico, for Margarita’s
  • Cuba, for Caribbean magic and a throwback in time
  • USA – Plan to drive from Miami to Seattle over a two month period, seeing as many National Parks as possible and riding as many rollercoasters as we can
  • Alaska State Ferry
  • Canada, for the Rocky Mountaineer, and Polar Bears
  • Spain, for Paella
  • Morocco, for African Desert adventure
  • Tunisia, for the set of Star Wars
  • Egypt, for incredible history
  • Thailand, to chill out and work out what to do next!

The plan will evolve as we carry on our trip, 6 days in we have already decided to sneak in two weeks in Sri Lanka at the end of January!

Research has mainly been done by the power of the Internet, and calling on our own knowledge of various parts of the world, let this blog keep you updated on where we end up!


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