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Train Adventures in SE Asia

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Malaysia, Thailand

Two options seemed logical upon leaving Ko Phangan to head to Sri Lanka.  The first was to ferry to the mainland, jump on a plane from Surat Thani to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, and then fly on to Colombo (the obvious Flashpacker plan of attack). The alternative was to ferry to the mainland, and then catch the train from Surat Thani to KL, a journey of 900km, and a travel time of 39 hours, with a 6 hour stop in Surat Thani, Thailand, and 10 hours in Butterworth, Malaysia, the jumping off point for Penang.

Amazingly, it was the princess that chose option two, as Penang had yet to be seen, and train travel is a favourite mode of transportation.  So, for the princely sum of about $100 for both of us (ferry, bus, overnight train one, ferry, ferry, overnight train two), off we went!


This photo was taken 15 hours in to the trip, as the train reached the Thai/Malaysia border for customs and immigration formalities.  Passport in hand, we were stamped in to country number two, and a few short hours later we found ourselves in Georgetown, Penang, a world heritage city.


After a half day in Penang (photo gallery to come), we were back on the train to KL.  Upon arriving, it was a simple matter of catching a train and bus to the low cost carrier terminal for our AirAsia flight to Colombo.  Bring on Sri Lanka!


Thailand Pics

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Asia, Photos, Thailand

Last night in Phangan

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Asia, Thailand


All good things come to an end (or so someone once said anyway!), and it was time for us to move on from Ko Phangan, a paradise of an island in the Gulf of Thailand, only a 20 minute speedboat ride from Samui.  We ate some spectacular food, did a fair bit of exercise in preparation for South America (lots of hiking to be done!), and generally relaxed in to a very simple, laid back lifestyle that exists on the island.

We ate at the Beach House on our last night, the food was spectacular!  Dessert was courtesy of the night market in town, which was open every night.  Feel free to have a look at the Thailand gallery for photos of food, sunsets and beaches!

Next step a 2 day train ride down through South East Asia, with an afternoon in Penang, Malaysia, and then a flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Ko Phangan – Island Paradise

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Asia, Thailand


Sunset over Ban Thai Beach

Another tough day draws to a close on Ko Phangan, a small island in southern Thailand.  My first visit here was in 1999, and the island has changed in may ways, and in others is exactly the same as if the twist of time has no effect.  Certainly the type of traveller that is attracted here has changed, believe it or not, there are people with suitcases!  And some even have children along for the ride!

Still a magical island, with a mountainous jungle interior that hides Chinese temples, huge waterfalls, monkeys and rough dirt roads.  On the rim of the island, countless stunning beaches, a myriad of accommodation options, and some of the finest food that planet Earth has to offer, courtesy of some very skilled Thai Chefs.

This will be life for the next 15 days, we are camped out at Milky Bay resort on Ban Tai Beach, in a studio room, with all the creature comforts you could desire.

Days are filled with tough decisions like: Do I go to the waterfall for a walk and a swim, or stay on the beach and read a book?

Our plan is to move on to Sri Lanka late January, stay tuned……

New Years Eve, 2012

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Asia, Thailand


Happy New Year!  We saw the arrival of 2013 from our fabulous suite in Bangkok, after an action packed day taking in a river ferry, Wat Po, and a quick peek at the Grand Palace.  Bangkok is absolutely teeming with locals and tourists, and it was amazing to be able to sit up in the suite as the clock struck 12 and watch the whole of Bangkok light up in front of us as fireworks went off across the city.


Bangkok, the Journey Begins….

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Asia, Thailand


Great view from the Pullman Hotel G!

After landing in Bangkok, thanks to 12 hours of Tiger Airways awesomeness, we jumped on the new train from Bangkok Airport to the city, and then a quick cab ride to our first hotel, the Pullman Hotel G Bangkok.  We were lucky enough to a) arrive at 9am in the morning and have a room ready for us to crash in after two low-cost carrier flights overnight and b) were upgraded to a suite on the 31st floor which had the view you can see above!  The hotel was a flash start for a flashpacking couple, and we were all smiles.  Not only was the room outstanding, we had executive floor privileges, which extended to breakfast on the 27th floor, and cocktails and canapes in the evening, and on the 31st December, we sure took advantage of that!