The Amazon Jungle

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Peru, South America

After our arrival in Lima, capital of Peru, we spent a couple of days seeing the sights of this World Heritage city.  Whilst there was some spectacular architecture and good food, it is a hard city to warm to, or at least it was our interpretation.  That is not to say it did not look good!

DSC06555 DSC06557

Whilst not in our original plan when we left Australia, I have always been strongly drawn to the idea of traipsing into the Amazon Jungle.  As Peru is host to a huge tract of the great river and a big tangle of jungle, it seemed silly to pass up the opportunity whilst we were so close.

So, on to a very cheap flight to Iquitos, the place that lays claim to the largest city in the world with no road access.  Iquitos can only be reached by boat or plane, and has over half a million inhabitants.  The flight in was interesting, as our small plane was buffeted by storms, and our safe arrival was well received by the two of us!

This was our first glimpse upon arrival in the city.

The Jungle!

The Jungle!

We spent ten nights in a jungle lodge deep in the Amazon primary forest, after a stellar three-hour boat ride up the Amazon River.  The lodge was perched on a large tributary of the Amazon, the Tahuayo River.

Our amazing home in the Jungle

Our amazing home in the Jungle

It was drawing to the end of the wet season, so our stilted accommodation slowly dried out below us over the coming days.  We had a guide assigned to us for the journey, a local man named Orlando, who had been guiding in the region for 11 years, and had spent his life living in a village a few kilometres away.  To say he knew the jungle would be an understatement!

So it came as no surprise on a hike in the jungle when Orlando yelled “Snake!”, that he would naturally run after the snake and catch it by the tail.  The snake seemed less than impressed, and as it was a 2.5 metre Tiger Rat snake, it did seem an odd decision…

Tiger Rat Snake

Tiger Rat Snake

Look what I found!

Look what I found!

We spent an incredible ten days in the Jungle, with 5 days in the main lodge, then a night out camping in the middle of nowhere (very cool!), and a few nights out at a research lodge where scientists continue to study the flora and fauna of the huge ecosystem.  SOme of the highlights were zip-lining through the trees,  paddling in a dugout canoe and finding monkeys and tarantulas, camping in the middle of the jungle, seeing sloths and otters……….

The list goes on and on, so glad we got out to the Amazon proper, a true bucket list experience.  The photo’s in the post below show some of the highlights mentioned and many more….

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