Puerto Maldonado, Amazon Basin, Peru

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Peru, South America

After a few days in the clouds in Cusco, Mirella headed off for a trek in Salkantay (a future post for sure as she had quite an adventure traipsing across 4,500m plus mountain passes!), and I took the very tough decision to fly down to the Amazon basin to chill out for a few days before meeting Mirella in Machu Picchu.

I have dreamt of getting to the Amazon River for a long time, and whilst this was not quite it (the Amazon is a few hundred kilometres further north), it is a jungle region formed by some of the many tributaries that flow from the great river.  I decided to stay just outside of town (as opposed to a jungle lodge), as I was only here for three nights,  and wanted to relax in a hammock listening to the sounds of the jungle. Knowing that there was a chance to do the Amazon proper as we head slowly north helped make the decision too!


Above was my new best friend for the three days at the jungle lodge.  The owner of the lodge has adopted three howler monkeys, and they required a lot of tlc.  Days were spent lying in the hammock, reading a book, whilst three of the monkeys pictured above made it their business to remove my book, groom my beard, and demand attention constantly.

I managed to pull myself away for one day for a trip to Lake Sandoval, an oxbow lake in the jungle, where the hope was to see Giant River Otters.  Unfortunately luck was not with me, but I did see some other animals.



To my chagrin, I cannot remember the name of the bird, he does look imperious though!

After three days of jungle, it was time to get back to one of the most amazing archeological sites in the world, Machu Picchu!

  1. Mary Ogilvie says:

    Eloquent travel writer Mr Berenson 🙂

  2. Phil Thorp says:

    Some sort of Egret/heron 🙂

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