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Apologies for the delay in updating the site, the month in Peru has gone by in a blur!

We hopped on a flight from Buenos Aires to Cusco via Lima, and with our frequent flyer ticket, we enjoyed a great business class seat to Lima, and a quick economy flight to Cusco.  Cusco is the gateway to Machu Picchu, one of the recently announced seven new wonders of the world

It is also a World Heritage city high in the mountains, sitting at about 3,400masl.  Having come from sea level in Argentina, this has the effect of making you think that you have aged 50 years in a six hour flight!  The air is noticeably thinner, and pounding headaches and shortness of breath are the norm for the first few days at this altitude.

We took it very easy, and enjoyed all this World Heritage city has to offer.  Incan buildings, Spanish cathedrals, amazing mountain scenery, what is not to like?


Whilst we spent the days relaxing, eating and walking very slowly to acclimatise, we came to the conclusion that Mirella was very keen to walk to Machu Picchu, and I was equally keen not to walk to Machu Picchu (having done so many years ago on a work trip).  So we found a great walking company for Mirella to spend five days walking the ancient Incan trails to MP, and I decided to head down to Puerto Maldonado, a small town on the edge of the Amazon basin.


It would be remiss at this point not to mention the improvement of food choices now that we have hit Peru.  Spice is back on the menu for starters, with Peruvian chili’s being among the hottest in the world!  Ceviche is also available, a Peruvian delicacy of raw fish “cooked” in lime juice, sashimi on steroids!

Gallery below of the wonders of Cusco, hope you all enjoy!