Iguazu National Park

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Argentina, South America

Three weeks after leaving the southernmost city in the world, and after travelling 5,700km on some of the world’s most comfortable buses, we arrived at Puerto Iguazu, a small town close to the Brazilian and Paraguyan border.  The city was our penultimate stop in our adventure in Argentina, and was driven by Mirella’s passionate desire to see the waterfalls that are just 20km from town.

The waterfalls, over 270 of them, are of course Iguazu Falls, and are found inside an amazing national park in northern Argentina.  We spent the first afternoon in town wandering about, having a late lunch, and then deciding that dinner would be some of the best ice-cream we have ever had, which is saying something in a country where the locals are fanatical about ice-cream!

The next morning we were up bright and early, as we wanted to beat as much of the crowd as possible (it is a park that deservedly is packed most days).  We were the first people in to the park, and we headed straight for “the Devil’s Throat”, the most popular view of the falls in the park.  Along the way, we were lucky enough to see some guinea pigs and a capybara.

The Devil's Throat

The Devil’s Throat

After a quick train ride, we walked out across a series of metal boardwalks that take you over the river for over a kilometre to get to the photo above.  The power of the falls was incredible, and we both got completely soaked by the spray coming off the thousands of litres of water that poured over the edge of the cliff.

The next few hours were spent walking around more metal boardwalks viewing many of the falls in the park.  The infrastructure was excellent, and made viewing really easy.  We were stalked by coati’s for our lunch, whilst they look cute, they had some serious claws!



After lunch, we headed down for another must-do whilst in the park, a 12 minute boat ride that gets you up close and personal to some of the falls.  This was Mirella after the boat tour:



Boat tour done, we decided to squeeze in one more walk before calling it a day, and I am so glad we did.  We headed out on the only nature trail open to the public, a 3km walk to a small waterfall with no boardwalks, and therefore much less people.  And we were lucky enough to spot one great bird, and a big troop of monkeys.



Black-Capped Capuchin

Black-Capped Capuchin

A really great day in one of the best parks in Argentina, we returned back to the hotel exhausted after plenty of walking, and are now looking forward to our last long distance bus ride in Argentina, from Iguazu back to where we started over two months ago, Buenos Aires.



More photos in the gallery above!

  1. anna0212 says:

    Guys the photos are amazing. It looks like you guys are having a fab time. Missing you both. Xxxx

  2. Phil Thorp says:

    How do you titillate an ocelot?

    You ocellate it’s tit a lot.

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