Cordoba, Alta Gracia and San Ignacio Mini

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Argentina, South America

After a great bus ride with Crucero Del Norte (including dinner with whiskey and champagne!), we arrived in Cordoba for a couple of days, as we make a bee-line for Iguazu Falls from Patagonia.  We had thought this city would be a good midpoint for our long journey from the South of Argentina.



The city is the 2nd largest in Argentina, yet it feels far more relaxed than the distant capital.  Surrounded by mountains, it had a great vibe, and has a world heritage site in the centre, a set of Jesuit buildings that are approx 500 years old.

We spent the first day chilling out after our overnight bus ride, enjoying Easter Sunday with a big lunch and dinner.  The next day we jumped on a bus for an hour out to a small town called Alta Gracia, famous for housing another world heritage site, a Jesuit church.

Alta Gracia

Alta Gracia

Alta Gracia

Alta Gracia

Wandering around the church and surrounds was a great way to spend half a day,  and then we headed back to explore the 2nd world heritage site of the day.

The Jesuit quarter in Cordoba was also excellent, and we took in old buildings and churches over a four hour walk around town.



The next day we got on another long distance bus, heading overnight from Cordoba to San Ignacio, in the north of Argentina.  As an aside, the bus system in this country is phenomenal, every bus we have taken has been on time, clean, super comfortable (equivalent to business class on a plane!), with movies in English, simply brilliant.

We arrived in to San Ignacio the next morning, and the temperature change was dramatic.  We were now in the jungle, and the humidity, heat and mosquitos were testament to weather that could not have been more different from just a few days ago on top of the mountain range in Bariloche!

Our reason for stopping in San Ignacio was to take in another world heritage site, San Ignacio Mini, a Jesuit ruin from the 1600’s.  The ruins are spread over Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, and Mini is the best preserved in Argentina.  Unfortunately as Aussie’s we need a visa for the other two countries and we did not have the inclination to go through the visa process.

The town is super sleepy, which suited us down to the ground.  We headed straight for the ruins as the weather was great, and they were a fantastic site.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio Mini

We spent a few hours wandering around the ruins, and then had a siesta before returning for a light and sound show that is displayed on and around the ruins each night, it was very cool!

San Ignacio Mini Light Show

San Ignacio Mini Light Show

The next day we chilled out, as it poured down with torrential rain, and all that remains now is a quick 4 hour bus ride to Puerto Iguazu, the jumping off point for us to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Iguazu!

More photo’s in post below from the Jesuit trail…..enjoy!

  1. TW and Jo says:

    We really enjoyed Alta Gracia! Did you go to Che Guevera’s home?

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