Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Argentina, South America

We boarded QF27 on Saturday, 9th February, 2013 for the first of our flights on a business class round the world ticket.  We knew we were extremely fortunate to be travelling on the front of the bus, and we were only able to do so as we had accumulated a lot of frequent flyer points over the past few years.

The flight was outstanding, sitting in the upper deck bubble of the newly refurbished 747, and the views as we took off were ably caught by Mirella and her trusty Iphone.

Sensational Harbour

Sensational Harbour

Sensational Harbour

Sensational Harbour

Sensational Harbour

Sensational Harbour

12 hours later, after a great meal and some sleep, the sun rose over the Andes as we started our descent in to Santiago, Chile.  We would stop here for four hours waiting for our connecting flight to Buenos Aires.

photo (6)

After landing in Buenos Aires, the smooth sailing that has been a hallmark of the journey to date all unravelled before our eyes.  Our luggage did not make the connection and was temporarily lost in transit.  Whilst not a disaster it is always unnerving to walk out of the airport without your luggage.  In my jet lagged stupidity, I then went to the bank to get some pesos from the ATM, and left the card in the machine after collecting the money, shocker!  A quick call to Citibank to cancel the card as we whizzed in to the city sorted that misdemeanour.  As we arrived at our guesthouse, more bad news, as the front door was locked!  Another quick phone call revealed all would be well in an hour or so, not a great start to a great continent!

Over the next couple of days we relaxed in what is one fo the great metropolises of the world.  I will post a small gallery including our visit to San Telmo markets and Recoleta Cemetary, and then next stop is El Calafate, in the heart of Patagonia.

We have two months planned for Argentina, should be amazing!


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