Dambulla and Sigiriya

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Asia, Sri Lanka


It felt like out first day of real sightseeing on the trip!  We had hired a car and driver to take us from Kandy to Dambulla caves and the citadel of Sigiriya.  It was an all day adventure, and Sigiriya would rate for me as one of the great ruins of the world.

After a couple of stops at a Hindu temple and some weird Buddhist cave, we arrived in Dambulla.  The caves are a world heritage listed site, and with good reason.  Five caves high up on a hill (read Sean almost dying whilst climbing hundreds of stairs, whilst Mirella bounded up and took lots of photos) containing many images of Buddha in various poses made for interesting viewing, and plenty of monkeys about to entertain!

We then headed further north to Sigiriya.  The ruins of a great city built high on a rocky outcrop felt like Palenque at the base, and Mattu Pichu at the top!  An incredible place, and I will post a gallery of images that we took, unfortunately they cannot do the place any justice, it was truly incredible!

A long drive back to Kandy completed a great day, feel so lucky to be able to vist places like Sigiriya, the world is a truly amazing place…..


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