Ko Phangan – Island Paradise

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Asia, Thailand


Sunset over Ban Thai Beach

Another tough day draws to a close on Ko Phangan, a small island in southern Thailand.  My first visit here was in 1999, and the island has changed in may ways, and in others is exactly the same as if the twist of time has no effect.  Certainly the type of traveller that is attracted here has changed, believe it or not, there are people with suitcases!  And some even have children along for the ride!

Still a magical island, with a mountainous jungle interior that hides Chinese temples, huge waterfalls, monkeys and rough dirt roads.  On the rim of the island, countless stunning beaches, a myriad of accommodation options, and some of the finest food that planet Earth has to offer, courtesy of some very skilled Thai Chefs.

This will be life for the next 15 days, we are camped out at Milky Bay resort on Ban Tai Beach, in a studio room, with all the creature comforts you could desire.

Days are filled with tough decisions like: Do I go to the waterfall for a walk and a swim, or stay on the beach and read a book?

Our plan is to move on to Sri Lanka late January, stay tuned……


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